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10 ways to make your bedroom better

Sleeping rejuvenates and energizes the body, important for well being. Bed rooms must provide requisite sleeping comforts for a cozy slumber.

Here are a few ways to make your bedroom a better sleeping place

  • Do not place the television in your bedroom for whatever reason. Use some other part of the home to house your television set.
  • The color scheme should be soothing to the eyes and the mind, hence avoid dark colors that excite the human mind.
  • Keeping the room dark while you sleep is a good way of getting sound sleep; hence use dark colored curtains for all windows.
  • Use dimmers at night while sleeping if you can not sleep in complete darkness. Provide for such a light in the room at a strategic location so that you are not disturbed by the light.
  • Make sure that the plumbing of your bathroom is done well so that you are not disturbed by dripping water and leaking pipes.
  • Also it is good to check if the windows and doors of the bedroom are oiled and hinged well so that you will not be disturbed by the unwanted noises.
  • Use air fresheners or purifiers in case you find the atmosphere suffocating.
  • Control the temperature of your bed room with air conditioner or heater as per the season so as to sleep comfortably.
  • Do not have hanging artifacts above the headboard of the bed because it may give you a feeling of being trapped under the material while you are trying to sleep.
  • Keep the closet doors and bathroom door closed while you sleep so that your eyes do not rove around the place causing distraction. Also try your best to place your bed in such a manner that no other significantly large object is visible when you sleep on the bed.

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