IKUS Story

IKUS is a leading firm of interior design consultants with a large portfolio of successful projects of all scale and complexity. Being a multinational company, IKUS provides one-stop architecture and interior design services - from design to resource acquisition to building and installation.

From one-off consultancy to a complete design service we provide a fresh and modern approach to improve, reinterpret or style interior spaces. Our interior designers are fully qualified with degrees in spatial design and interior architecture.

IKUS specialize in delivering creative and innovative solutions for a wide range of Interior projects. We are dedicated to the design of projects that are functional and elegant and that are completed within budget parameters. Our international experience, analytical approach and passion for creativity gives us the skills to meet your needs.

Whether you want to create an exquisite abode for your loved ones or for yourself, IKUS can bring the incredible into the realm of reality.

People at IKUS can give shape to your aspirations and requirements using cutting-edge technology.






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