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10 tips to decorate your living room

Your living room is the most occupied place in your home generally, especially if you have frequent guests. Living rooms are generally the central place for all activities like parties, family gatherings, celebrations and holidays. The taste of the family is the most important aspect of designing a living room. You can either have a traditional or a contemporary setting based on your choice. Both designs require a little research and initial planning before you embark on a buying spree.

Here are a few tips on decorating your living room.

  • Clean the space completely and vacate it till you chalk out a plan. An open space will give you a clear idea on the requirements of the room in accordance with your choices for comfort and attractiveness.
  • Determine the focal point for beginning the designing. It means that you decide on a place that can be viewed from the entire room and governs the designing. This will ensure that your decorative articles and other furniture do not look scattered in an unplanned manner.
  • According to your requirements and choices, decide on the articles to be included as a part of the interior decoration plan. For example, if you prefer to have ample seating arrangements then buy a large sofa or a couch. In addition to these, you can always get book shelves, coffee tables and the like.
  • Choose furniture that compliment the shades used in the room along with the other articles. The color, comfort and fabric are important considerations while choosing furniture pieces.
  • Determine the electrical appliances you need and buy furniture that suits the same. For example, if you are planning a traditional look for your living room then installing a coffee machine will look very odd. After all it is your living room and not an office!
  • It is also a good idea to include corner statuettes and small or big figurines as per the theme set for the room. They add a mystic of their own.
  • You can also decorate your living room just by changing one piece of furniture and adjusting all the other objects around it. This is highly useful when you are operating on a tight budget but need a make-over for your living space.
  • Many times your living room will turn in to a whole new world just by repainting the entire place with different shades or colors. You can then make nominal changes in the objects around this chosen scheme of colors.
  • An ethnic look also gives a living room a great feel. You can use candles, decorative pillows with ethnic designs and colors, chandeliers, silk curtains and draperies, vases, pots, statues, wooden boxes with colorful laces and threads.
  • A well-planned living room will be able to seat at least half a dozen people with the other objects in place. You can also use fabrics or wall papers on the walls as per your choice.

    You can use new covers and drapes in case you do not want to spend on buying new furniture. There are numerous accessories available to cover up old furniture pieces, giving them a fresh look. If storage spaces are required in the living room then you can buy furniture that have inbuilt storage areas so that two purposes are served with one object, saving space and money

    Above all it is important to give your living room a comfortable and homely look in whatever way you see fit. Bring in the feel good factor before anything else.

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